Wigs For Cancer Patients

‚ÄčThe world's most natural looking human hair wigs for cancer patients

Hair Couture Designs knows how important your emotional state is during this process. If your looking for a  high quality natural looking human hair wig that will last you the entire hair loss duration, from your initial hair loss to growing out your hair to you desired length. Hair Couture has the immediate solution for you.  We take all your worries away.  You will know exactly where your hair comes from and if it is raw or processed. We tell you what you can possibly expect when you purchase one of our wigs and how long it "may" last based on your lifestyle and care. Most women that loose their hair from chemotherapy treatments need a wig for 1-5 years on average.   Hair Couture experts will advise you on your best options based on your lifestyle and budget.  You can also make a wig with your own hair, or use donated hair from friends or family members to make your wig.  

Hair Couture Designs is made up of an expert wig makers, stylists and permanent makeup artists from the major motion picture industry with each individual with up to 30 years experience in their field.