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Information about Types of Human Hair and Human Hair Wigs
for Men & Women

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Buying A Human Hair Wig? - Shopping For A Human Hair Wig? The real truth about human hair wigs and what you need to know about wig terminology before buying a wig.

This blog is for men and women with Hair Loss From Cancer - Alopecia - Female and Male Pattern Baldness - Trichotillomania - Thin and Thinning Hair

Buying a human hair wig or hairpiece today can be a very time consuming and confusing. The wig buying experience making some feel like they are desperate and lost. We have heard from so many that their experience of shopping for a wig is usually not a positive one. We hope this article clears up the confusion so you may find a wig or hairpiece that fits your short or long term purpose.

Know what your looking for:
If your looking for a wig or hairpiece long term you most likely need to know the following about the types of human hair wigs and pieces and synthetic hair that is available so you may make an educated decision on what is best for you both financially and emotionally.

Synthetic Wigs -are great short term (3-5 months) but wear out and look dry and course after 1-3 months of wear. If your going through chemotherapy and have long hair you will need to wear a wig for up to 3 years. If your hair is short 1-6 inches a synthetic wig may work for your just fine. I do not suggest buying a synthetic wig if you need a wig long term and you have long hair. The long hair on a synthetic does not look very real and tends to look very wiggy after 1 month of wear.

Human hair for wigs are all processed differently. 95% of human hair wigs and hair comes from China and India. "Human Hair Wigs" is a very broad term and can therefor be confusing to customer exactly what type of hair they are actually getting. While the hair is naturally dark brown or black and coarse, the hair is severely bleached then colored. After coloring, the hair is coated with a silicone coating to make it look healthy. After 1-3 months of washing and wear, the coating wears off and the wig starts to mat, tangle and
sometimes dread.. Some manufactures will call this hair “Italian Hair” “European Hair” “Hair for Caucasians”

European Human Hair – or you may call it “fine Indian hair” or “fine Chinese hair” is it really from Europe? European hair is supposed to be harvested from an European decent donor but many times European hair is a healthier Indian hair or finer Chinese hair. This hair is also very processed and usually is coated with a silicone coating that will eventually wear off the hair shaft.
"European Hair" is unfortunately another very broad term that can confuse the consumer.

Russian Human Hair – Hair from Russia should state what area the hair is from. Unfortunately most Russian hair is not as healthy as American Hair and may seem a little dry. Russian hair is relatively much more familiar to a Caucasian woman than Indian or Chinese hair, and more like an American woman’s own head of hair. I have found wholesales and retailers that are now branding finer Chinese hair and healthier Indian hair as Russian hair. Sad but true.

Caucasian American Hair – Very hard to find. Of course if you’re an American woman, you would want a wig made with unprocessed American Human Hair. Please be careful. You really can sometimes NOT tell if it is unprocessed human hair. Make sure you see the ponytails from the American girls before you purchased a wig claiming to be made with Caucasian hair. Sometimes wig sales people will claim that the hair is “hair for Caucasian Women” or “Caucasian Hair” to sell you a wig. This wigs are the most beautiful , natural looking wigs out there. Caucasian hair wigs usually last 4-5 times longer than the processed hair listed above. Caucasian American Human Hair Wigs is usually much more expensive.

Making a Wig with your own hair or donated hair from a friend or family member – if your going to loose your hair from chemotherapy or you just found out your have alopecia, you may want to get a wig or hairpiece made with your own hair. Again, be careful about who you choose to make a wig with your own hair.
Use a reputable company that has been making wigs for women with their own hair.
New wig shops, salons, stores that claim to make a wig with your own hair, sometimes switch out the hair with processed Chinese or Indian hair to make the wig fuller and easier to make in China (99% of wig company’s have their wigs made in China) you may pay a lot of money to have a wig made with your own hair, but to get your wig back with unknown hair added or blended in with your own hair. This may result in severe tangling and matting later on. You want to find an experienced wig maker that will guarantee that its your hair that is only used in making your wig. You also want to be sure to use a picture that you provided to recreate the exact look and thickness the that you eventually desire. This process is very difficult to accomplish by a wig company that sends their wigs out to China to be made.

Cap Styles to Consider

Based on your lifestyle, the cap is very important to consider. An experienced wig maker knows over 100 options when making the cap for the customer. A good wig maker or wig shop with wig makers will give many different options for the customer when buying a wig. Beware of wig shops or wig salons where the hair stylist or wig shop sales person only has 1-2 cap styles available. When you consider your lifestyle and what you need emotionally, physically and mentally, you will rethink the choices that the salesperson will give you. You alone know your lifestyle and comfort level.

Vacuum wigs are very overpriced and are hot and heavy. your scalp sweats excessively under the cap. I have heard many woman regret the purchase of a Vacuum wig and most children and teens will NOT end up wearing them. Because the hair is injected and not hand tied the hair will tend to shed excessively.

Silicone wig caps are great if you’re a swimmer or in the water and do sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, swimming, diving ect. Silicone caps fit like a swim cap and unless your in the cool water are again very hot, just not as heavy as the Vacuum wigs. Silicone wig caps should be a secondary wig. People I know that just purchased a Silicone wig as their main wig had regrets later that they did not purchase an every day wig.

All lace wigs great if you’re a seasoned wig wearer and or you have no hair. All lace wigs require glue and or tape to adhere. The glue or tape can rip out your existing hair unless your wearing a wig cap underneath to protect your hair. The application process is very tedious and difficult to apply and sometimes stressful when the wig begins to lift off of the scalp. The glue and tape used to adhere the cap are very harsh on the wig cap (and your own hair my get pulled out at the root from the tape or glue) and many times this type of wig will need to be replaced very quickly from wear and tear.

Lace Front Wigs with an Adjustable Back This is an everyday wig cap. Some lace front come in a machine wefted style, and some come in an all hand tide style. With lace frontals you need to make sure that the lace matches your skin tone. Wefted style hair is great for flat styles/looks with less options in styling. All hand tied caps look more realistic at the scalp and have many styling options and you may part your hair in any direction. The adjustable back will make the wig on your head more secure. You can also adjust the wig so it does not sit on pressure points that can sometimes leave customers with a headache or head pains.