Make A Wig With Your Hair

There is no better hair than your own.


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If you are a cancer patient you can make a Custom Wig with Your Own Hair -Use Donated Hair To Make Your Wig -Donate your hair to make a wig for a friend or family member.We make it easy to make a wig with your own hair if you have cancer or alopecia hair loss. Our wigs are made by highly experienced wig makers here in the USA!

“Make a wig with your own hair” at Hair Couture Designs!

“Can I make a custom made wig with my hair?”

“How do I make a custom wig with my hair?”

“Can I use donated hair to make a custom made wig?”

“How much hair do I need to make a wig?”

“Can I make a wig for a friend or family member using my own hair?”

“How much does it cost to make a wig with my hair?”

The answer to all these questions is YES! We can make any type of custom made wig using your own hair or donated hair. Read below for more information and pricing.

Make A CUSTOM WIG With Your Hair – Make A Wig With DONATED Hair!

Making a wig with your own hair just become easy! Please… Let us do the work…

Hair Couture Designs wig makers have been making wigs for clients with their own hair for over 40 years.

We are honored to be chosen to help you earn your trust in allowing us to handle your precious hair and turning it into a high end, natural looking cranial prosthesis wig, made to look just like your own hair.

Throughout the years we have watched our customers become overjoyed when their custom wig made with your own hair arrives, and after cutting and styling the joy our customers feel is priceless. We have found through the years that wearing a wig made with the customers own hair or hair donated from a friend or family member leaves our customer feeling at peace and helps with the customers overall emotional well being and physical health.

Please Let Us Do The Work! Our wig makers have been doing this for customers for several years. Here are the steps that we both need to take:

1. Send us photos of you to: Either submit a request for consultation for located on this site or email us your information at To properly make a wig with your own hair, we would like to receive 2-4 photos of you and how you usually wear your hair. Our wig makers can look at the photos to decide on type of cap, cap material colors, hair length and colors that are needed to create the look that you desire. Please remember to add your contact information with the photos sent so we may be able to create a file for identification purposes.

2. Cap Measurements: We will email directions on how to measure for a wig to make a wig with your hair. We can email you a link to YouTube, email you detailed directions or schedule a SKYPE or Face Time consultation.

3. Interview you or your loved one to find out lifestyle and concerns. We need to understand our your lifestyle and concerns so we may provide the right cap prior to making a wig with your hair.

4. Do you have enough hair to make a wig? Is the hair long enough to make a wig? Lets make this easy. Just take a photo of the ponytails next to a ruler or measuring tape and email to us with the photos of the wig recipient to If you have a scale please weigh the ponytails and include the weight and the measurements in the email. We will then let you know after receipt if we think the hair will work (based on the photos of the wig recipient)

We do use 3” of the length of hair to make a custom wig with your own hair. We also can let you know (based on the photos you email to us) how much hair and the length we are going to need to create the recipients wig. We usually ask for 1(must be very thick) to 3 ponytails to make the wig. Don’t worry about color, we can add the hair and have it colored once the wig is completed (we want you to know that it’s the hair that was donated)

5. We must have the hair shipped to us: Please ship the hair with payment (if your paying by check) to

Hair Couture Designs
Attention: WM Dept
2963 E Thousand Oaks Blvd #201
Thousand Oaks 91362

6. Once we receive the hair we will confirm that there is enough to make the wig. We will immediate contact you if more hair is needed to properly complete the wig. We have some beautiful raw unprocessed American and Russian human hair ponytails in stock that we can either ship to you or email photos prior to purchase. We will make sure the hair matches your own supplied natural color, curl, texture, length ect that you need to complete your custom wig.

7. Concerned About The Type Of Cap? The Comfort? The Way The Cap Fits? Worried about the cap being itchy or unnatural looking? : Again please do not worry, we are very accurate with our measurements. We will offer ship you a few caps that your loved one can try on prior to us adding the hair. If additional hair is needed, we can add a few ponytails for you to touch feel and see. (Based on years of working with our customers we feel it is very important that you know “what hair is being used” in the making of your wig and “what type of cap” you will be wearing) We do not want you to have “any surprises” that may cause emotional stress. Your piece of mind is of our prime importance. If you or your loved one is in a rush to have the wig completed we will first confirm all the details and get the processes started as soon as possible!

8. What if you need the wig within a 6 – 7 week period?: If we have an availability at the time you place your order to have your wig serviced “rushed” in a more timely manner, we can arrange our wig maker to work overtime for an additional fee. We do have to check schedules to see if the option is available at the time of purchase. We cannot promise a wig to be rushed if we already have several other “rush orders” ahead of you. It all depends on timing. We will let you know immediately the schedule so you can plan the time frame. It does usually take around 8-10 weeks for a wig to be made. We will provide you or your loved one a synthetic wig that we have in stock “at no charge” if needed.

Pricing: Children’s Wigs Made With Donated Hair or The Child’s Own Hair

Children’s high end medical cranial prosthesis wigs start at $1200.00 If your child is in need of our special medical “non slip” caps for full hair loss. Activa wig caps is an additional fee of $250.00. With Activa medical wig caps, your child can swim in one and not worry about the wig coming off.

If we are in need of extra hair for your child, Hair Couture Designs has a small “donation bin” used for children’s wigs. If a child needs additional hair we will gladly look through our donation bin for additional hair that is available.

Pricing: Adult Custom Wigs Made With Your Hair

Adult high end custom cranial prosthetic medical wigs made with donated or the clients own hair start at $1500.00. An additional $250.00 is additional if you or your loved one is in need of a full hair loss “non slip” Activa Medical Wig Cap Designs.Silk Tops are optional

For those on a budget or just need a wig short term, a basic machine tied wig made with a lace front and a monofilament top is priced at $800.00. All machine wefted wig with lace front start at $600.00 if you have hair that is donated.

We require 50% down on all wigs to get started.

Not Sure which cap option to try? We can send you photos of both styles or send you cap samples via USPS for you to try on. Customer does need to pay for shipping charges.


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