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Our main wig maker is a 3rd generation wig maker and it surrounded by the some of the best wig makers in the industry.


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  • Alexandra C. Avatar
    Alexandra C.

    5 star rating I lost my hair and eyebrows due to chemotherapy. Donna did a great job on my eyebrows. She is very caring and talented. I don't have to worry about make up anymore. They look very natural and beautiful. I'm happy with the results. Thank you Donna.  - 9/26/2017

    Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.

    5 star rating I met with Connie to discuss getting a wig.  She was wonderful.  She certainly had a lot of knowledge and presented me with several choices.  She was very accommodating, told me she would walk me through the process, and told me to feel free tocall whenever I needed any type of help!  Without hesitation I would recommend Hello Gorgeous Hair Couture!  - 6/30/2018

    Will B. Avatar
    Will B.

    5 star rating So happy to have found these guys!
    Was looking for a responsible place to donate my hair and thankfully found it with these lovely people.
    I was given full details about the young girl who will be receiving my hair and the story behind her need for it.
    Very happy to have found such a direct place to donate to and highly recommend for anyone else with excess locks to donate to them!  - 1/03/2017

    Shantel C. Avatar
    Shantel C.

    5 star rating Everyone here is so friendly amazing prices .. did awesome job on hair extensions  definitely would recommend to everyone  - 1/29/2018

    ELAINA C. Avatar

    5 star rating Letty at Hair Couture is Amazing!! She is so great at color and always makes time for me 😉  - 8/24/2017

    Tk K. Avatar
    Tk K.

    5 star rating I had a wonderful experience working out the details of my wig with the ladies! I required a wig not for any medical reasons, but for my own personal project, and Hair Couture Designs was fully supportive and informative. It does take some effort and time to hear of any updates, however please keep in mind that this is a very small business and rest assured that the ladies of Hair Couture Designs will do a splendid job. I love my wig!  - 12/05/2016

    Rachel S. Avatar
    Rachel S.

    5 star rating This is an amazing company and I am so grateful I found Connie! She made a gorgeous wig for my mom from my hair and it couldn't be better. It is truly quality work and I would recommend her to anyone. I ordered the wig from South Florida and Connie worked with me from across the country. She has helped with insurance barriers as well. We are forever grateful for this business! Thank you!  - 10/16/2018

    Johnny B. Avatar
    Johnny B.

    5 star rating Was recommended this place to donate my hair. Everyone was polite and professional. Great place to donate if you ever considered doing so.  - 7/01/2017

  • Susan D. Avatar
    Susan D.

    5 star rating Connie is an amazing person and talented wig designer. I cannot say enough about my experience with her at Hair Couture. My hair had been soft, full and naturally curly my entire life. As my hair thinned and my hairline receded, it affected me and my sense of my self. Well, after seeing Connie, things are much better. I purchased a topper and a full wig - with the highest quality, unprocessed, curly hair. It looks and feels like my own. As someone who is in the public eye quite a bit, it is important to me to put my best face - and my best hair - forward. Connie has helped me to do this. I simply cannot recommend Connie highly enough. She knows hair, and she takes the time to get to know her clients and identify each individual's needs.  Thanks so much Connie, and Hello Gorgeous Hair Couture!!!  - 5/12/2018

    Chelle H. Avatar
    Chelle H.

    5 star rating Excellent service! When dealing with cancer or hair loss, women tend to lose their  self  esteem  and feel very insecure. My experience with Hair Couture was wonderful. Connie and Carolee made me feel so welcome and comfortable! I purchased a wig online that was delivered to me, and the color was horrible. I brought the wig to the salon with the hopes of having it fixed. The girls were so helpful and kind and gave me a feeling of an optimistic future. I would highly recommend this salon, as they are professional, courteous and helpful. Thanks guys you have a lifelong customer!! Michelle K  - 8/14/2015

    Alexandra R. Avatar
    Alexandra R.

    5 star rating I love how my hair color came out~! Meticously every strand was inspected and colored. Martha there is Great~! I will come back again~ Connie also is a gem~! I have fine hair and needed blonde highlights with dark roots...It Looks and feels beautiful, they use the best products~!
    All the best, Alexandra~  - 4/06/2017

    Angela A. Avatar
    Angela A.

    5 star rating I contacted Connie to discuss designing a wig for a friend and was pleasantly surprised by how nice, knowledgeable and compassionate she was. She was very generous with her time and seemed highly informed with all things wig-making. If we decide to move forward with a wig, I look forward to using her services because it seemed hassle-free and highly convenient. I also want to add that she seemed very honest without wanting to up-sell any of the wigs which is a very redeeming quality considering what we were trying to achieve.  - 1/26/2017

    Lauren B. Avatar
    Lauren B.

    5 star rating Hair Couture Designs is full of amazing women that really care about your hair troubles.  My hair started thinning and falling out about 15 years ago.  I didn't need a full wig, but found an amazing hair topper.  I wanted it to look like my own hair since I wasn't ready to tell people about my troubles and that I was wearing a hair piece.  Connie spent a lot of time on several days helping me find just the right piece.  Connie even added hair to the back to get it just right.  I have had the piece for about 3 weeks and love getting compliments on how pretty my hair is from complete strangers.  If you're thinking about going this route, I definitely recommend Connie and her fabulous team!  - 3/18/2017

    J G. Avatar
    J G.

    5 star rating These ladies are knowledgeable, kind, caring and fun!  I'm a red head and felt I would never find a wig close to my natural color.  Connie nailed it.  She taught me how to care for my wig and even provided the product.  My beautiful hair/wig looks so good that complete strangers stop me to tell me what a gorgeous head of hair I have.  If they only knew...  I have breast cancer and can't tell you how much better I feel wearing  a wig that looks so natural.  These incredibly kind ladies are a blessing for those of us who have lost our hair to cancer.     At a difficult time in my life Hair Couture introduced some sunshine.  Thank you, ladies!  I would strongly recommend Hair Couture to anyone looking for a high quality human hair wig.  - 9/23/2016

    Suzanne G. Avatar
    Suzanne G.

    5 star rating It doesn't matter how long it's been since you last visited the girls at Hair Couture they always make you feel special they go above and beyond to accommodate you. One of the best decisions I've made to become one of their clients.  - 5/06/2017

    Sandra W. Avatar
    Sandra W.

    5 star rating I went into the salon not knowing anything about hair replacements.  Connie was so fantastic in her knowledge and so empathetic about the effects of hair loss for a woman.  She went out of her way to help me learn what I needed and how to take care of my hair replacement.  Connie only uses the best of the best products.  I felt so nurtured and cared-for, I can't imagine going any where else.  - 7/11/2018

  • S. G. Avatar
    S. G.

    5 star rating Went to my hairdresser today to get my real hair cut and she was amazed by the quality of my topper. When I told her it could be parted any way I wanted she tried to correct me and said you had to go with how it was made. I told her that each hair was hand tied. I thought her eyes were going to pop out! She had never seen a hair piece of this quality. Thank you again, Connie. You are amazing.  - 12/02/2016

    Jeri H. Avatar
    Jeri H.

    5 star rating Hi everyone just an update.  It's been several months now and I am still in LOVE with my hair and these girls !  These guys are so full of love and caring I have never experienced the warmth that naturally flows from them.  It takes the expertise that they have with hair which is unquestionable the BEST you will ever have and as the song says mix it with love and make the world taste good !  Jessica I read your review and I am certain without doubt that you went to that other place in Camarillo as these ladies on their worst day do not behave that way !  I have been around them for several months now. I have seen them laugh and cry and care above and beyond anything that I have ever seen and I love them!  If that truly happened than I suggest you allow them to rectify the situation because that's how they do it !  I not only have ridiculously fabulous hair I have 4 great friends here !  - 12/07/2015

    Kay K. Avatar
    Kay K.

    5 star rating If you are or want to be BLONDE this is the place!  Jade Connie were amazing.  Super friendly.  Very professional.   Took her time to get it the color perfect.  The salon is very clean.  For the quality of service the pricing was great.   This is my new hair salon!  - 4/24/2018

    Flint L. Avatar
    Flint L.

    5 star rating I am an entertainer/musician in my sixties.  I've been wearing men's hairpieces for 21 years.  I started with Hair Club, which is a rip off.  Over the years, I have bought many different hairpieces from a huge variety of sources, both here and abroad.  Connie, at Hello Gorgeous, is absolutely the best.  The quality of her hair, the quality of her invention and design, plus her patience and caring make her the very best I've ever encountered.  She is a fantastic artist, in a class by herself.   She is kind and courteous.  She focuses on you and your needs.  She makes you feel important and respected.  She loves people and people love her.  I encourage everyone to rely upon Hello Gorgeous for all their hairpiece and wig needs.  You cannot do better.  - 8/04/2018

    Julia C. Avatar
    Julia C.

    5 star rating I took my 14 year old sister here since she had damaged her hair beyond repair and wanted to try extensions. Connie was so welcoming, patient and kind during our whole experience. She accommodated to my sisters needs and made the extensions look super natural; exactly how she wanted them. Her products are high quality and she is also a perfectionist when it comes to giving you the best service possible! The best service my family has ever received from a salon.  - 10/10/2018

    J T. Avatar
    J T.

    5 star rating Talked to the gals at this neighborhood salon a couple of times before booking an appointment.  I was going to cut my fairly long hair OFF. They were patient and gave me many options for my hair cut.  Great Work. Connie & Jade are Fun & Fabulous  - 3/02/2018

    Lisa F. Avatar
    Lisa F.

    5 star rating I am so thankful to find Hair Couture!  I had an idea of what color/style I wanted, yet the gals there were SO helpful in truly finding the best look for me.  Special thanks goes out to Andrea!  Way to Go! You know your stuff and I could not be more grateful for your patience and expertise in "everything hair"!  I will definitely be back.  What a wonderful and inviting salon offering organic/healthy hair products and providing service next to none! Connie, Andrea and Erica really care for your best experience and outcomes 🙂  - 6/03/2017

    Mrs. T. Avatar
    Mrs. T.

    5 star rating Highly recommend. Connie is very knowledgable and takes pride in her work. Great quality hair as compared to other places. You actually get what you pay pay for. Color matching is awesome as well. Could not ask for more.  - 12/22/2016

  • Sharon P. Avatar
    Sharon P.

    5 star rating This is a wonderful friendly place to go. I highly recommend it. Whatever you want they'll get for you. Connie is so sweet. She showed me different styles and how she could cut and dye it to customize it for me.  - 4/09/2018

    Marina T. Avatar
    Marina T.

    5 star rating Hair Couture Designs is a great place with wonderful people trying their best to provide great service. I'm very glad that I finally found a place where they are professional and experienced, as well as caring and true human beings. Connie, Rebecca and Kim are all so amazing that I cannot say enough. They totally understand how hair loss feels, and how frustrating it can be. They do their best to satisfy their clients, making the right piece for each client, and sending them home looking great with a big smile! I'm very happy with my new hair that I got few days ago and I feel like a Hollywood star!! I don't think you can find a great team like HC Designs any other place. I tried many places over the last ten years, and as an experienced hair piece wearer, I highly recommend this place. Thank you HC Designs  - 3/24/2016

    Justine Z. Avatar
    Justine Z.

    5 star rating If you are going through a rough patch right now due to hair loss, please PLEASE read what I have to say. I know it's long but I guarantee going to this shop will help you in ways you wouldn't imagine.
    I had an unforgettable experience with the amazing women at hair couture a few months back and figure it's better late than never to write this review. These ladies deserve to be repaid with endless respect and love, just like they gave me. I am 19 years old and, for various reasons, struggle with thinning hair. I walked into 3 other wig stores before I found out about this place. Each of those stores literally left me in tears. They treated me as if I wasn't human...not an ounce of sympathy or compassion. It was extremely clear all they cared about was money. It was one of the toughest times in my time because I was facing it completely alone, until I met Connie and Rebecca at hair couture. They kept the store open late and spent hours with me, one on one, to really find out what I wanted. And most importantly, how I was feeling. It was like a free therapy session with some of the most genuine people I've ever met. I mean, it still amazes me how much compete strangers can care about you. As a broke college student, I couldn't afford the hair pieces they offered but they tried as hard as they could to help me out. Money was not their objective at all. They truly just wanted to see me happy. When I originally came to the store I was wearing a cheap synthetic wig that, until Connie told me the brutally honest truth, I thought looked real. These ladies work with people in much worse, harder situations than me and know actually how to approach it from a compassionate stand point. After pouring my heart out to them multiple times, Rebecca and Connie showed me that I don't need to cover myself up and feel trapped by this wig, which was eye-opening since my own mother liked the idea of me wearing a wig because it made me "look nicer". They knew what I really wanted was to feel free again and put an end to this whole thing. They made me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. When I went into the store one last time, wigless, to share with them my contentment with my natural self, Connie literally cried tears of joy she was so proud of me. I happened to be going to a party that night and connie took one of the bracelets they had on display and placed it on my wrist. She told me to keep it and remember them. I wear this bracelet all the time and anytime I look down at it or ever felt the weight of it on me, I'm reminded of those beautiful souls. Rebecca, Connie, and even Rebecca's daughter (I'm so sorry I can't remember your name right now), thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all you have done more than you know and will keep a part of you with me always. You helped me find and love myself again.
    With overflowing gratitude,
    Justine  - 10/01/2016

    Beth B. Avatar
    Beth B.

    5 star rating Did you know that Hair Couture Designs also does regular haircuts?  I just got my stacked bob trimmed by Andrea, and I'm SO HAPPY with it!  She did an excellent job at a reasonable price.  I recommend her!  - 6/23/2017

    Sonia S. Avatar
    Sonia S.

    5 star rating Donna has been very supportive and helpful since I had a terrible experience when I got my eyebrows done somewhere else  and my eyebrows came out uneven and not the way I requested.   But Donna took care of me and I truly recommend her,  not to mention the salon is pleasant and all the ladies are very nice! I feel so blessed  - 4/22/2017

    Flint L. Avatar
    Flint L.

    5 star rating I am an entertainer/musician in my sixties.  I've been wearing men's hairpieces for 21 years.  I've bought them from a huge variety of well known sources, over the years.  Finally, I've found the best!  Connie, at Hello Gorgeous (Hello Handsome)  makes me feel like a king!  She not only has the best hairpieces and wigs I've ever seen, at very good prices, she also treats me with kindness, patience, courtesy and respect.  She puts the customers needs first.  She loves people and people love her!  That's why her business is thriving.  Trust me, and take my advice - you'll never find anything better than the products and services Connie offers at Hello Gorgeious.  - 8/05/2018

    Colleen D. Avatar
    Colleen D.

    5 star rating I have to give Hair Couture Designs 5 stars.  The human hair wigs are of incredible quality. They are hand made by Connie and they're beautiful. Because I have very thin hair I never really feel confident in my looks. What a difference when I put on one of my wigs. They're so comfortable.  I work in a busy doctors office and people are constantly complementing me on my hair. They ask who my hairdresser is. They have no clue that I wear a wig. The entire experience has been great. I really enjoy the atmosphere. Everyone has a smile. From the hair stylist who cut my hair and the receptionist who made me feel welcome and to dear Connie who listens and guides me down this path I'd like to say a heartfelt, "Thank you".  - 4/13/2015

    Hannah B. Avatar
    Hannah B.

    5 star rating Connie is an absolute angel! After over year of not even showing my hair loss to my family due to immense shame, my mom and I happened to find this spot after having zero luck and many other wigmakers/shops. During our consultation i immediately felt at ease and "understood", finally feeling comfortable to talk about the issue and revealing my bare head in a safe space. My mother and I left with tears of joy, never thinking i would ever be able to find such a beautiful hairpiece and feel comfortable in my skin again. HIGHLY recommend!!  - 9/17/2018

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