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  •   I didn't plan on writing this review. I considered Connie a friend. I even offered to help her with her business, but it quickly turned into a total nightmare. In fact, it was downright traumatizing, as if hair loss wasn't painful enough.

    Almost three years ago, I purchased a topper from Connie for 4K. I fell in love with it and purchased it, despite reading horror stores about her stores in Orange County and Thousand Oaks. I LOVED it. I even wrote a positive review here on Yelp. Within six months, the piece was falling apart. The tape was pulling out the hair. She fixed it and then six months later it needed to fixed again. It took EIGHT MONTHS to do a very simple repair. When I complained that it was taking too long, she gave me another piece, which I thought was very strange. She told me it was because she liked me and that I was a good customer, but it was still really fishy. Despite this "gift," I still wanted my original piece back and heard nothing, but excuses why it wasn't finished. When I got it back, it was obvious the repair wasn't done. There was still hair missing in the front and a hole in the back. I confronted Connie and she became EXTREMELY hostile. So hostile that I wouldn't go to her salon without someone going with me. At one point, she even threatened me saying that I will be back, because she is the only person who does custom wig making. She only provided me a refund for the repair after I threatened to complain to the credit card company.

    I started going to other wigmakers in the LA and NYC area and that's when I heard the horror stories. Multiple lawsuits. All of it is online (google Constance Walsh and Wiggin Out). I don't know how she has all these positive Yelp reviews, especially when all the reviews from her previous salon are negative. She is a con artist.  

    Please note I have EVERYTHING documented. I have pictures as well as text messages and emails. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

    thumb Megan H.

      I met with Connie to discuss getting a wig.  She was wonderful.  She certainly had a lot of knowledge and presented me with several choices.  She was very accommodating, told me she would walk me through the process, and told me to feel free tocall whenever I needed any type of help!  Without hesitation I would recommend Hello Gorgeous Hair Couture!

    thumb Linda S.

      I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for Breast Cancer and lost all my hair. I set up an appointment after finding this salon online and seeing all their awesome testimonials. When you have no hair you can feel insecure. I really wanted to look nice for my daughter's pre-k graduation. I went to this salon and walked into this pretty salon and Connie made me feel so comfortable and also helped me with all my questions about wigs, I'm new to all this and she took the time to work with me. I finally had hair! It looked so real too! I will be back and I seriously recommend this place to anyone that has lost their hair both Connie and Jade will absolutely take care of you. I'm including a picture of my daughter's graduation so you can see my wig , so you can see for yourself how great of a job they did! I just love them they are a bright light for this cancer patient

    thumb Samantha W.
  •   Connie is an amazing person and talented wig designer. I cannot say enough about my experience with her at Hair Couture. My hair had been soft, full and naturally curly my entire life. As my hair thinned and my hairline receded, it affected me and my sense of my self. Well, after seeing Connie, things are much better. I purchased a topper and a full wig - with the highest quality, unprocessed, curly hair. It looks and feels like my own. As someone who is in the public eye quite a bit, it is important to me to put my best face - and my best hair - forward. Connie has helped me to do this. I simply cannot recommend Connie highly enough. She knows hair, and she takes the time to get to know her clients and identify each individual's needs.  Thanks so much Connie, and Hello Gorgeous Hair Couture!!!

    thumb Susan D.

      If you are or want to be BLONDE this is the place!  Jade Connie were amazing.  Super friendly.  Very professional.   Took her time to get it the color perfect.  The salon is very clean.  For the quality of service the pricing was great.   This is my new hair salon!

    thumb Kay K.

      I just purchased my second hairpiece from Connie and I am so pleased. She goes above and beyond for her clients making the process fun. She takes the time to really get to know her clients and offers many options according to their needs.

    The human hair she uses is simply gorgeous. I had been wearing my hair short and decided to grow it out a couple inches. Connie had the perfect piece but she felt it needed a bit more volume. She sewed the extra hair in while I waited and it looks fabulous.

    I highly recommend Connie. Anyone feeling insecure about hair loss.....visit this wonderful lady and see how she can help you. It has been a life changing experience and I am extremely grateful.

    thumb Pat J.


Request a consultation with one of our stylist today!

Ask our cancer alopecia hair loss wig and hairpiece / hair topper clients give real tesimonial reviews on what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver results. The most natural looking, best and highest quality human hair lace front wigs and hairpieces & “wig services” !

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